Mercedes me Adapter

April 2019

Retrofit a complimentary Mercedes me Adapter now, and experience even greater convienence and driving enjoyment.

Look forward to a new, forward-looking connection with your Mercedes. With the Mercedes me Adapter and the smartphone app, you can use important vehicle data and helpful functions relating to your vehicle on your smartphone – making your daily routine easier and more relaxed.

The Mercedes me Adapter is available for many Mercedes-Benz models built since 2002. Check online now to see whether your vehicle is suitable for the retrofit.


Enter the digital world of Mercedes-Benz here.

The upgrade for your Mercedes.
Discover all functions and advantages at a glance.

My Vehicle.

Keep a permanent eye on your vehicle status.

The upgrade for your Mercedes.
Keep a permanent eye on your vehicle status, e.g. fuel level and range, in the overview – whether you're out and about or at home!

Contact with Mercedes-Benz service partner.
You can use the app to conveniently contact your service partner by phone or email at any time.


Parking and Locating. 

The new way to park.

Less searching.
Nearest multi-storey with free spaces? Just around the corner! Have free parking spaces nearby – e.g. in multi-storey car parks – displayed for you together with opening hours and prices.

Fewer parking tickets.
Use the "Parking and Locating" function whenever you need to check your parked vehicle's location and the remaining parking time. The app reminds you when your parking time is coming to an end with a timer.


Vehicle log.

All the information to hand.

Up-to-date vehicle log.
You can see all your journeys at a glance and then export or edit these.

Business or pleasure?
Categorise your journeys as business or pleasure, and get a clear picture of how much driving you have done today, last week, or during the last month.


Cockpit mode and driver score.

Shows what's happening.

Individually configure your extended cockpit and get technical data displayed in real time, e.g.throttle valve position or oil temperature.

A faultless drive?
Level up in Driver Score. Analyse your driving style based on your acceleration and braking, and get this displayed live in the cockpit or assigned to each journey.


Maintenance and repair.

Your vehicle in top form.

Service appointments under control.
Get reminders for regular checks such as oil changes or service appointments. Your Mercedes-Benz service partner has your vehicle details, enabling them to send you personalised offers.

Car Health Monitor: fault warnings.
If any faults are detected in the vehicle, you are warned via the app and can call your service partner right away.